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More about Landar Dree, Ovates, Wiccan's and more
What is an "Ovate?"
  In ancient times an Ovate was a prophet, seer, healer and diviner. In modern times, an Ovate is one who studies or practices herbalism, healing and divination. Though there are a few variations, the term "Ovate" has been chosen as it follows more closely the path and concepts that we wish to bring forth and pursue. We do not limit our choices to only one path or concept, though.
What is a "Wiccan?"
  A Wiccan is someone who follows the religion of Wicca, which follows a Goddess and a God. They may or may not practise witchcraft; not all Wiccans are witches and not all witches are Wiccans..

It is a nature-based religion, originally founded by Gerald Gardner, but has since split into many separate entities, very different from Gardenrian Wicca.

They mostly follow codes written by Doreen Valiente, including The Wiccan Rede and The Threefold Law, which state to do no harm and whatever harm done come back on you threefold.

What is a "Landar Dree?"
  Landar Dree is a name chosen for the leader of our group. Coming from the more traditional world as a child, he has learned and grown over the years and found that the spiritual world is much larger than the narrow view offered by the more accepted religious world. While learning and growing is a never-ending pursuit, sharing these views and thoughts with others has been the goal of not only Landar, but all of the group associated with us here at the Ministry.