Brother Randal Ministries in Kansas
B R M K S - a   s p ac e   f o r  a l l   f a i t h s
Welcome to the Brother Randal Minstries(BRMKS)' Non-Traditional side. This part of our Ministry offers services to those who choose a path that may vary from what a majority of people consider "traditional." While it is not our preferred method of description, for ease of understanding, non-traditional could be considered in this way:
Anything that does not conform to the existing "Christian" way of thinking or belief.
This could include non-Christian religions, such as Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Shinto
as well as Celtic, Wiccan or even Agnostic or Atheist.

BRMKS does not discriminate against any belief or faith. We believe everyone, regardless of faith(or lack thereof) should be treated equally and fairly. All are welcome at BRMKS.

Please select your area of interest from the selections above. Thank you for visiting us.

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